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                      Gothic Crown of 1847

John Bradley
                    ten shilling note of George V

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Welcome to our web site, which contains details of many items from our latest coin, medal, and token lists.

The latest update is Medal List 71, our latest offering of British and Foreign medals that we have in stock. We have listed nearly 300 single British medals and over 100 British groups, as well as German WW1 & WW2  plus Foreign medals. Hopefully you will find something there to whet your appetite, or fill a gap in your collection.

Just In - new additions to World War One medals and memorial plaques!

We plan to be at the following Medal (and Coin) Fairs in the next few months :
May 12th               Britannia Fair, London
June 1st                London Bloomsbury (now in Hammersmith)
June 9th                Motorcycle Museum, Bickenhill
July 14th               Motorcycle Museum, Bickenhill
July 19th / 20th    York Racecourse.

We issue postal sales lists for Ancient Coins and Antiquities, English & Foreign Coins, English & Foreign banknotes and Medals. Our website shows what we had at the last issue; but we donít amend or alter the website content, until we send out a new listing.

We can send you a copy of any of our current lists, if you donít want to check the website, or donít have internet access.  Also, now that we are a bit more ďtech-savvyĒ, we can email you a close-up picture of any coin or set, that might be of interest, before purchase.

Postage costs have risen several times in the past year or so, such that we have had to increase our prices too to reflect this.  Sadly the Royal Mail have not increased their rapid and timely delivery of the post, such that sometimes letters donít arrive the next day !! a nationwide problem.

GOLD coins -  we donít list these any more, what with the turbulence in the bullion market; we have a number of keen collectors, who regularly buy most of anything new; to list stock which is gone by the time a printed list appears seems  fruitless.  Although we have now the 2024 UK sovereigns and half-sovereigns, priced at £420 and £230 respectively Ė sufficient in stock to supply demand for now.

Please note that we do not make a subscription charge as such for receiving our lists : if you order from this list, you will receive the next one when it is produced  -  we welcome £1 in stamps, if you want to ensure getting this next list  (English Coins 73) without ordering.

We also deal in and issue lists for our other specialities : English Banknotes,  Foreign coins &  banknotes,    Tokens,   Ancient coins & Antiquities,   War Medals & Decorations.   (Plus books relating). We can send you a sample list, or you can see our stock on our website.

Please note our new opening times :  in the week (Monday to Friday 10am till 1pm, and 2pm-ish till 4pm.  (Closed on Wednesdays always).  And Saturdays we are here from 10am till 1pm.

New Medal Books

Medals Yearbook 2024 is now available as either softback at £20, or the deluxe Hardback version priced at £35. (Plus postage of £5 on either book).


Orders over £125 will be posted out via insured Registered post at no further cost to you; under that  amount we will add either £4 for Recorded delivery (insured only up to £30)  or £8, which covers loss up to £500.

We still have an exclusive book available, The Chinese Labour Corps by Gregory James priced at £30.99, and Volume 2 of CLC medals 2023, by same author at £40.

We are very careful to keep all our records confidential; no-one else has access to our name and address database, and we hope this way to send the correct list(s) to the right collector; it is a waste of resources to send you the wrong list, if you do not collect whatís listed in it.

We are, as always, happy to receive your wants lists , and we may well have just what youíre after. As there is usually only one item per description, it would help if you could state any alternatives that would be acceptable, if your first choice has gone; otherwise, please telephone me with details of those items you wish to order - they will be reserved for you for three days, to allow your payment to arrive.

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