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1 WW1/WW2 group of 4 (ribbon has 5 spaces) - WW1 Iron Cross, Saxony ribbon : pale-green and white stripes, but no medal, Cross of Honour with swords, WW2 War Merit Cross with swords, and Luftschutz medal. £170
2 WW1 Axis powers group, as Iron Cross, Cross of Honour with swords, plus Austria 1914-1918 Gilt medal "Fur Osterreich", set crossed swords on ribbon, plus Hungary WW1 Commemorative medal : Pro Deo et Patria 1914-1918. £90
3 WW1 trio, as Iron Cross, Friedrich-August medal in bronze, plus Cross of Honour with swords. Label on back of group by "H. Kluck Nachf. of Dresden". £80
4 WW1 pair, as : Iron Cross and Cross of Honour & swords/ crossed swords on ribbon. £65
5 WW1 pair, as : Iron Cross, 2nd class with Cross of Honour & swords. + ribbon bar. £65
6 Another, as above, set crossed swords on 2nd ribbon, plus ribbon bar. £65


Koniggratz cross 1966 - Prussia award to the victorious army "Dem siegreichem Heere".

dated 3.July 1866. WR cypher on rev. Rampant eagle on front. Ni 1938 £35

1870-1871 commemorative medal in bronze for front-line troops (Kampfer) - 'Dem siegreichen Heere'. Ni 3123 £20

China War Commemorative 1900/1901 - Eagle killing the Chinese Dragon. Ni 3150

Attractive gilt finish "Den siegreichen Streitern", crowned W £75

WW1 Iron Cross, 2nd class - a selection with maker's marks on the ring ….. Each £45

WW1 Iron Cross, 2nd class, set non-combattants ribbon. (rare) £50

Museum-quality Copy of the famous Blue Max - Pour le Merite, with wide ribbon. An affordable gap-filler. Cased with image of medal on lid. £50

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, with swords. Ni 3803/1 £12

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, no swords. Ni 3803/2 Scarce now £18

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, no swords blackened finish, for widows and parents of fallen German soldiers. Ni 3803/3. £25

1916 blackened medal "In Eiserner Zeit" - by Hosaeus : given in exchange for items of gold or silver to aid the War effort. "Gold gab ich zur Wehr - Eisen nahm ich zur Ehr' ". £15

Kyffhauser bund medal - -oval gilt medal with 8-line quote from Hindenburg; obv has flag

and thunderbolts 1914-1918 "Blank die Wehr, Rein die Ehr' ". By Hosaeus. £15

Another, as above, with crossed swords on ribbon. £18

Prussian Kyffhauser-style Kriegerverband medal, with Kyffhauser monument. Cross of

Honour, set padded black&white striped ribbon. 2nd class. (Husken 9650 h). £50

Another, no ribbon. £30

Wound badge in black (for 1 or 2 woundings) Ni 3293 £25

Set of 6 coloured roundels, "Zur Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit" - commemorating WW1

service, each with a different sceme - Army, Machine Gun, Artillery, Anti-tank, Cavalry,

or New Luftwaffe; measuring 1 inch in diameter. Attractive. Each … £1 or the set ….. £5

WW1 Fur Kriegshilfsdienst - War cross for Auxiliary Aid. Ni 1966 (1916-24) £20

Hanseatic Cross, excellent red enamels :

Hamburg. Ni 688 £95

Bremen. Ni 651 £110

Lubeck. Ni 1265 £125

Bavaria - Schnalle, ie pale-blue/white stripes bar, set bar L II. Ni 534. £35

Mecklenburg-Schwerin - Gilt cross for 1914. FF in centre of reverse. Original ribbon

"Fur Auszeichnung im Kriege". £55

Prussia gilt medal, commemorating Wilhelm's Centenary anniversary of birth. 1797 - 1897. Set on correct canary-yellow ribbon. Ni 1965/1. £20

Prussia 1813-1913 Centenary of No.74, 1st Hanoverian Inf'y regiment, pretty gilt medal,

obv bust of Wilhelm left, with Pickelhaube. £25

Saxony - Bravery medal. 1914 in inner swords; obv crowned E II cypher. Ni 2618 £65

Saxony - WW1 1914 Service medal in silver. Bust of Wilhelm Ernst left. Ni 2410. GVF+ £55


WW2 Iron Cross, 1st class, marked 1/58 on rev. (Black on swastika sl rubbed). £175

WW2 Iron Cross, 1st class, no markings. GVF+ usual wide pin. £175

WW2 Iron Cross, 1st class, no markins. GVF+. Reverse skinny pin. £160

WW2 Iron Cross, 2nd class VF & better; now getting rarer Ni 3824 £75

Italian-German commemorative medal for the African campaign, normally struck in silver or bronze - this one a late-war issue in ali. Ni 4070/4071. Ribbon faded. £65

Spanish Volunteers medal ; mint specimen in original paper wrapper (Kampf gegen den Bolschewischmus). Seldom seen. £150

War Merit Cross, 2nd class, with swords. Ni 3835 £25

War Merit Cross, 2nd class, no swords. Ni 3836 £25

Another, as above, slightly grubby. £20

War Merit Medal, VF (ie slightly grubby) Ni 3837 £15

West Wall medal, in original envelope MINT condition (Ni 3520) £25

BULK Buy (investment ?) - lot of 10 West Wall medals, as above…… £200

East Front medal (Ostmedaille) - Winterschlacht im Osten (Ni 3850) £35

Another, in brown paper bag of issue. £45

Eastern People's medal, 2nd class +swords. Solid form . Ribbon with pin. Ni4058 £75

Mother's Cross, in gold, excellent enamels, in deluxe case of issue. Ni 3513 £75

Mother's Cross, in gold, excellent enamels (Ni 3513) £50

Another, sl enamel damage. £35

Mother's Cross, in silver (Ni 3514) £40

Another, in pale blue large paper bag of issue. Full-length ribbon £50

Mother's Cross, in bronze (Ni 3515) £30

Another, in light brown large paper bag of issue. Full-length ribbon £40

Faithful Service Cross for 40 years, gold. (Ni 3524) £50

Faithful Service Cross for 25 years, silver. (Ni 3524) £30

Another, in its red card case of issue. £38

Sudetenland annexation, 1. Okober. 1938 (Ni 3517) £40

Another, mint condition, in its deluxe blood-red case of issue. £75

Wound badge in silver, solid form. Ni 3845. £50

Wound badge in black, Ni 3843/3 - earlier form, used from 1939-41. Hollow format. £45

Wound badge in black, Ni 3846. Pressed-out form £25

Cloth Jewish star of David, worn by German Jews (Jude) c.13cms square. RARE - … part of a roll retrieved by the finder in Buchenwald at the War's end. £20

As above, but a row of six Stars, as woven in the original roll £100

Afrika korps cloth title - part of a roll (ex Deschler Munchen). Fresh condition £20

KRIM schild, no cloth backing and with only 2 lugs. £50

Edelweiss metal sew-on device; 2-part construction, with 5 sewing-holes. £25

Match-box - one side "Deutsches Geschaft" with eagle and swastika sun rising, other

side "Welt-Holzer". Still full with matches !! £10

Waffen - SS : paper sealed envelope containing a pipe, a Christmas 1943 gift from the Reichsfuhrer to his brave soldiers. "Vom Reichsfuhrer fur seine tapferen Soldaten der Waffen-SS - Kriegsweihnachten 1943. £40

Pin-badges / Tinnies / WHW, etc.
a Tinny - Tag der Arbeit 1934 with eagle & swastika, head, hammer & sickle. Brass £10
b Tinny - Tag der Arbeit 1935 with eagle & swastika, 3 men. By Erhard & Sohne £12
c Tinny - 1. Mai 1936 ; plough, hammer, sword & eagle. By Rob Schenkel, Pforzheim. £12
d Tinny - 1. Mai 1937 ; naked boy with oak-leaf on eagle/swastika. By Albert Lange. £12
e Deutsches Jugendfest 1935 ; eagle with diamond swastika over flames. £15
f Treue um Treue - Saar 1935; 2 men clasping hands, oak-leaf surround. In aluminium £12
g Another, as above, but made of bronze. £12
h British 'Nazi emblem' badge - early 1930s enamelled badge from the National War Savings Committee; 'For Service' - red and black enamelled round badge with swastika in centre. As per Husken's catalogue (Ref. J5 04a - rated 500 Euros !) £150
j Very scarce enamelled badge for British-German Friendship - "Ring fur Deutsch-Britisch Freundschaft" - Swastika flag and Union Jack side by side. On dark blue background; made by Deschler & Sohn. Hu 5304a. £300
k Reichstag = Besuch in Berlin. View of the buildings.. 1930s era. £15
l 1934 - Aufwarts aus eigener Kraft. Black eagle below a red sun with rays. £15
m Hitler Youth party badge "Deutsche Arbeiter - Jugend. Hu 9301 a £40
n NSDAP red enamelled party badge Hu 4011 b (rev marked M1 / 90) £35
p Tinny - Kreisbauerntag GERA. 18-19/ II. 1935 ; corn-ear & sword on swastika. £18
q HJ achievement badge (Fur Leistung in der HJ) Ni 3640, in embroidered cloth £25
r Tag der Jugend tinny ; Neunkirchen. Central motif on single S cypher. £15
s Hitler tinny - his bust left ; ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer. Brass £18
t Plastic swastika, in runic form, by Klethen Kreisstade. Langobardisch um 1500. £20
v Hitler Youth standard member's badge in enamels. Hu 9301 b, diamond shaped,

large off-set swastika in black enamels, set red/white enamels. £30
w Brass triangular tinny - DJH. £7
x BDM achievement badge in silver "Fur Leistungen im DJ" - German Young Folk (Jungvolk)

marked 'B' on reverse, ie official Ersatzstuck. With matching miniature ! Ni 3642/4 £100
y Satirical anti-semitic medal - 1939. Helmeted soldier and scene of workers : legend tells of the German struggle for peace (!) against the Versailles treaty. Reverse depicts a grotesque caricature of a Jew with star of David, money-bag and shells and the legend - "Wofur kampfen unsere Feinde" - 'that's what our enemies are fighting for'. Scarce £85
z Ribbon devices - little collection of 8; army, luftwaffe, police add-ons. Each £10

Ribbon bars :

Twin - WW2 Iron Cross, plus Ost medaille £5

WW2 Iron Cross £4

Twin - WW1 Iron Cross, plus Cross of Honour, set crossed swords £5

WW1 Cross of Honour, set crossed swords £3

WW2 blue ribbon (multi-uses). £3

Set - one of each of these 5 …………. £15

1 WW2 Memorial cards for fallen WW2 German soldiers - an interesting selection, most with a photo and description of his life & date of death; religious poems, etc. Each… £7.50

3 Wound badge in silver, to Obergefreiter Willi KOSCHORECK, of 8. I.R. 405, Feldpost Nr

03 609 E. Wounded for the third time (!) on 27/7/1942. Issued on 20/8/1942 £60
4 Another, to Gefr. Ernst MIRAU of Inf. Gesch. Ers. Kp.211 in Cologne on 5/7/1941 £60

5 Wound badge in black, to Obergrefreiter Helmut EHRIG, of 10th Verst. Regt. Gruppe 603

wounded once on 15/8/1944. Issued 24/11/1944 £40
6 Another, to Feldwebel Hans GREFF of 13.J.G. Inf. Reg. 283 on 18/1/11944. £40

8 War Merit Cross, 2nd class, with swords, to Unteroffizier Willi DITTHARDT. HQ

on 26th January, 1943. £40
9 Another, to San-Gefreiter Albert MARQUARDT on 20 / 4 / 1943. £40
10 Another, to Obergefreiter Florian SETTELE in Munich on 20 / 4 / 1944. £40

11 Eastern Front medal (Winterschlacht im Osten) to Obergefreiter Walter HORBERT, of

KFZ.-Ersatzteilstaffel 304, on 5 / 9 / 1942. £40
12 Another, to Ogefr. Heinrich RAHE on 6 / 8 / 1942. £40

14 Faithful Service medal in silver for 25 years, to Steuersekretar Ferdinand HUCKFELDT,

in Hamburg-Altona; issued on 26/9/1938. £40
15 Another, to Mittelschullehrer Friedrich EVERLING, in Braunschweig, on 29/11/1938. £40

16 Hitler Youth book of instructions on the structure and activities (Dienstvorschrift) 1/7/1938 £20
16a Another, later edition of same (Dienstordnung fur das Deutsche Jungvolk) 1/2/1941 £15

18 Eastern People's medal, 2nd class in silver. An unused certificate. (Ostvolker) £35

19 Power of Attorney document (Hausverwaltungsvollmacht) from the widow of Gustav PAAS

relating to her house. (Nicely typed-up A4 sheet with 2 nazi stamps (document tax !)

plus 4 nazi rubber stamps, dated 1938. £25
20 Another, similar, with only 1 stamp (1 1/5 Reichsmark) and 2 swastika rubber stamps. £20
21 Kriegsurlaubsschein - Travel permit to travel from railway station onwards ; stamped up with swastika and dates in the early 1940s. A nice selection……. Each £7.50
23 Hamburg ID card , for member of the Sicherheits- and Hilfsdienst. All stamped up, 1940s £5
24 NSDAP Hitler-Youth pink Warning sheet; fresh and unused ! £7.50
25 Sterbe-Urkunde - for 2 inhabitants of Atter / Dortmund. 6/3/1939. Stamped up £10
26 Seifenkarte - un-issued for 1943 (February to May) for the Wartegau area; mint £5
27 Wehrmacht envelope, reportedly to contain "brothel protectors" - stamped on the front: "Nur fuer die deutsche Wehrmacht bestimmt. Nach Gebrauch sofort zu vernichten". ! ! £5
28 Another one, as above, but this one is sealed with contents intact (and unused !) £20

X1 Mounted WW1/WW2 group of 5 , as - WW1 Iron Cross, Cross of Honour with swords,

Prussia LS Cross for 15 years, gilt - XV on rev., WW2 Faithful Service Cross in silver for

25 years, and WW2 Volkspflege medal in silver. £165
X2 Mounted WW1/WW2 group of 4 , as - WW1 Iron Cross, Hanseatic Cross for Hamburg:

excellent enamels, Cross of Honour with swords, and WW2 West Wall medal. £145
X3 Mounted group of 3 , as - Wehrmacht medal in silver for 4 years (4 on reverse), set silver

eagle for Army on ribbon, Austria Annexation medal (13.March 1938) and West Wall. £140
X4 Mounted pair, as - WW1 Iron Cross, and Baden silver medal for Service (Fur Verdienst). £70

X5 WW2 Luftschutz medal, 2nd class, in grey card box of issue. (Made in aluminium). EF £110
X6 WW2 Luftschutz medal, 2nd class. £60
X7 WW2 Wehrmacht medal for 4 years, 4 on rev. In silver. £48
X8 WW2 Medal for Volkspflege (Care of the People medal). £57
X9 WW2 Faithful Service medal for 40 years, in gold, set in its hard deluxe red case of issue £75
X10 WW2 Wound badge in GOLD (for several woundings !!) Ni 3844; numbered 30 on rev. £145
X11 WW2 War Merit Cross, 1st class, with swords. Late War issue in grey metal. No. 4 £90
X12 WW2 Sudetenland Annexation medal (1st October 1938), set Prague Castle bar. Rare £95
X13 WW2 Mother's Cross in gold, Miniature, set on original pin. Attractive. £25
X14 WW2 unofficial medallet, featuring conjoined heads, left, of Hindenburg and Hitler - rev.

"Fur ein freies, geeintes und stolzes Deutschland - Hitler" -- "For a free united and proud

Germany"; quote by Hitler. £42
X15 WW2 pin for DLRG, in silver. £7.50
X16 WW2 pin for DLRG, in bronze. £5