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1 WW2 group of three, as : War Merit Cross with swords, plus Wehrmacht DA medal in gold for 12 years (Ni3854) and Wehrmacht DA medal in silver for 4 years (Ni3855). Both last 2 DA medals with Army eagles on ribbon. £165

2 Franco-Prussian war group of three - 1870-71 Commemorative medal in steel for non-combattants "Fur Pflichttreue im Kriege", 1848/49 Friedrich-Wilhelm IV medal in gilt-brass - to his loyal troops : "Vom Fels zum Meer", From Mountains to the Sea, plus French Napoleonic St. Helena medal in copper "Campagnes de 1792 a 1815". £125

NAZI-era cigarette-card books
Bk1 Der Weltkrieg - Dresden Cigarette card company, with 270 colour cards, stuck in, giving an account of World War One, from the German perspective. Text printed in Gothic script. Good condition overall, but bottom right-hand corners a little brittle. £40
Bk2 Die Reichswehr - Colour cigartte-card album from Neuerburg, 1933. With 280 colour card glued in, and an interesting text, this album is in almost mint condition. £50
Bk3 Olympia 1936. Volume 1 of the German Olympic Games in Berlin and Garmisch- Partenkirchen. Cigarette-card album with 100+ b/w photo cards; a pull-out at the back of the olympic village and dust-cover (this last a/f). 1936. £60
Bk4 Gestalten der Weltgeschichte - (Figures from world history). Colour miniatures of famous personnages over 3 centuries, from all the European major countries; interesting coverage of British people from the Tudors to the 19th century. Cigarette-card issue from 1936. The inside front page has been removed, otherwise in exellent condition. £45


Glazed framed set with five WW1/WW2 medals, as : WW1 Iron Cross, 1st class ; WW1 Iron Cross, 2nd class; Oldenburg FA Cross (Ni1563); 1938 Cross of Honour with swords; WW2 War Merit Medal. Last four medals with small piece of appropriate ribbon. £195

1870-1871 commemorative medal in bronze for front-line troops (Kaempfer) - 'Dem siegreichen Heere'. Ni 3123 £20

1870-1871 commemorative medal in steel for non-combattants. (Nicht-Kaempfer) - Rev : W : 'Fur Pflichttreue im Kriege'. Ni 3124 £20

WW1 Iron Cross, 2nd class - a selection with maker's marks on the ring ….. Each £45

WW1 Iron Cross, 2nd class, set non-combattants ribbon. (rare) £50

Museum-quality Copy of the famous Blue Max - Pour le Merite, with wide ribbon. An affordable gap-filler. Cased with image of medal on lid. £60

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, with swords £10

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, no swords. Scarce now £20

WW1 1914/18 Service Cross of Honour, no swords blackened finish, for widows and parents of fallen German soldiers. £25

Wound badge in silver ( for 3 or 4 woundings) Ni 3292 £50

WW1 Fur Kriegshilfsdienst - War cross for Auxiliary Aid. Ni 1966 (1916-24) £20

Bavaria - King Ludwig Cross (Ni 458), set on a ladies' wide ribbon bow. £35

Bavaria - Military DA medal for 9 years, 3rd class 'Treue Dienste bei der Fahne'. Ni 532 £30

Brauschweig - Ernst-August Cross, 2nd class. Ni 634. Fur Verdienst im Kriege. £40

Hamburg - Hanseatic Cross for Hamburg, excellent enamels. Ni 688 £75

1900/1901 China War Commemorative - Eagle killing the Chinese Dragon. Ni 3150 £140

Prussia gilt medal, commemorating Wilhelm's Centenary anniversary of birth. 1797 - 1897. Set on correct canary-yellow ribbon. Ni 1965/1. £20

Saxony - Friedrich-August medal in bronze. Ni 2286 £20

Saxony - WW1 1914 Service medal in silver. Bust of Wilhelm Ernst left. Ni 2410. GVF+ £70

Reserve Landwehr Faithful Service bronze medal - 2nd class "Landwehr Dienstauszeichnung II Klasse" - obv FAR cypher; green/white striped ribbon. £25


WW2 Iron Cross, 1st class, no markings. GVF+ Reverse skinny pin. £175

Another, as above, with more usual wider, flatter pin. GVF+ £175

WW2 Iron Cross, 2nd class VF & better; now getting rarer Ni 3824 £75

Spanish Volunteers medal ; mint specimen in original paper wrapper (Kampf gegen den Bolschewischmus). Seldom seen. £175

War Merit Cross, 2nd class, with swords. Ni 3835 £25

Another, late War issue, made with more tin and aluminium !! £25

War Merit Cross, 2nd class, no swords £25

War Merit Medal, VF Ni 3837 £15

NSDAP membership medal, 3rd class in bronze. Ni 3763 £145

NSDAP membership medal, 2nd class in silver. Ni 3764. Sumptuous blue enamels £425

West Wall medal, in original envelope MINT condition (Ni 3520) £25

BULK Buy (investment ?) - lot of 10 West Wall medals, as above…… £200

East Front medal (Ostmedaille) - Winterschlacht im Osten (Ni 3850) £35

Another, in paper bag of issue. £45

Wehrmacht DA medal in 'silver' for 4 years. Ni 3855. Set on padded ribbon & pin and set Army eagle on ribbon; plus matching ribbon bar. Excellent condition. £80

Mother's Cross, in gold, excellent enamels (Ni 3513) £50

Mother's Cross, in silver (Ni 3514) £40

Mother's Cross, in bronze (Ni 3515) £30

Mint set of all 3 Mother's Crosses - AU, AR and AE. Full-length ribbons £150

Faithful Service Cross for 40 years, gold. (Ni 3522) £50

Faithful Service Cross for 25 years, silver (Ni 3524) £30

Eastern People's medal, no swords (Ostvolker). Ni 4063 £35

Sudetenland annexation, 1 Okober. 1938 Set Prague Castle bar (Ni 3518) Scarce £75

Sudetenland annexation, 1 Okober. 1938 (Ni 3517) £35

Another, mint condition, in its deluxe blood-red case of issue. £75

Austria Annexation medal, Ni 3516 (13/3/1938). Scarce now. £65

Sports badge (Reichssportabzeichen) Ni 3585 DRL with swastika in bronze. £45

Wound badge in black, looks like a gold issue (no blacking !!) Ni 3846. Pressed-out form £25

Wound badge in black, much of the blacking worn off. Ni 3846. Pressed-out form £21

Cloth Jewish star of David, worn by German Jews (Jude) c.13cms square. RARE - … part of a roll retrieved by the finder in Buchenwald at the War's end. £20

As above, but a row of six Stars, as woven in the original roll £100

Afrika korps cloth title - part of a roll (ex Deschler Munchen). Fresh condition £20

Bronze plaque of Hitler's head., facing left as usual. Measures 18cms high x 13cms wide. £75

Waffen - SS : paper sealed envelope containing a pipe, a Christmas 1943 gift from the Reichsfuhrer to his brave soldiers. "Vom Reichsfuhrer fur seine tapferen Soldaten der Waffen-SS - Kriegsweihnachten 1943. £45

Pin-badges / WHW.

British 'Nazi emblem' badge - early 1930s enamelled badge from the National War Savings Committee; 'For Service' - red and black enamelled round badge with swastika in centre. As per Husken's catalogue (Ref. J5 04a - rated 500 Euros !) £250

DLRG pin in silver (Deutsche LebensRettungsGesellschaft) £6

DLRG pin in bronze (Deutsche LebensRettungsGesellschaft) £4

Hitler medal - in bronze to celebrate his birth 50 years before. Obv - his bust, left by Krischker 1939, Rev. Coat of Arms of Braunau am Jnn, swastika and his birthdates and propaganda message. Attractive £60

Satirical anti-semitic medal - 1939. Helmeted soldier and scene of workers : legend tells of the German struggle for peace (!) against the Versailles treaty. Reverse depicts a grotesque caricature of a Jew with star of David, money-bag and shells and the legend - "Wofur kampfen unsere Feinde" - 'that's what our enemies are fighting for'. Scarce £125


Nurnberg 1933, Reichsparteitag, NSDAP. £12

Ribbon bars :

Twin - Austria annexation, plus Sudetenland annexation. £8

Twin - WW1 Iron Cross, plus Cross of Honour, set crossed swords £5

Twin - WW2 Iron Cross, plus Ost medaille £5

WW1 Cross of Honour, set crossed swords £3

WW2 Iron Cross £4

Set - one of each of these 5 …………. £20


1 Iron Cross, 2nd Class, awarded to Obergefreiter Josef HOMBACH, on 21/6/1943 £60
2 Kyffhauser medal, 2nd class (NSDAP Reichskriegerbund), awarded to Wilhelm STEFFEN,

Berlin, 13th April, 1938. This is a Besitz-zeugnis. £42
3 Wound badge in silver, to Obergefreiter Willi KOSCHORECK, of 8. I.R. 405, Feldpost Nr

03 609 E. Wounded for the third time (!) on 27/7/1942. Issued on 20/8/1942 £60
4 Wound badge in black, to Obergrefreite Helmut EHRIG, of 10th Verst. Regt. Gruppe 603

wounded once on 15/8/1944. Issued 24/11/1944 £40
5 Another, awarded to Uffz. Gustav LANGOSCH, of Stabskp Sicherungs-Regiment 931

wounded once on 10/6/1944. Issued 29/9/1944. With b/w photo of him in uniform. £45
6 War Merit Cross, 2nd class, with swords, to Obergefreiter Wilhelm KIRSCH. Berlin,

issued on 4/10/1944 £42
7 Another, awarded to Unteroffizier Willi DITTHARDT. HQ on 26/1/1943 £42
8 West Wall medal (Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen) to Unteroffizier August FOLLMER, issued

on 30/3/1940 £42
9 Another, awarded to Einschaler Willy SCHNEIDER fromm Northeim. Berlin, 8/2/1940 £45
10 East Front medal (Winterschlacht im Osten) to Obergefreiter Hermann LANZKE on

2/8/1942. (Stamped from Art. Rgt. 193, II Abt) £44
11 Another, awarded to Obergefreiter Walter HORBERT, of Kfz.-Ersatzteilstaffel 304,

on 5/9/1942. £44
12 Austria Annexation medal to Unteroffizier Georg POMMERER, 9. Kompanie, Schutzen-

Regiment 2. On 8/11/1938. (13th March 1938 saw the Wiedervereinigung) £70
13 Sudetenland Annexation medal to Zollassistent Johann SCHUSTER in Querenbach,

issued on 19/9/1939. (1st October 1938 saw the Sudetenland 're-united') £60
14 Another (different style of document, sideways A5, instead of upright A4 as above) to -

Oberleutnant D.R.z.V. Hermann GUNTHER, of Kommandostab z.b.V. Karlsbad, on

18/10/1939. Plus further typed letter of 3/6/1940, also signed by Schmidt, Major £60
15 Faithful Service medal in silver for 25 years, to Steuersekretar Ferdinand HUCKFELDT,

in Hamburg-Altona; issued on 26/9/1938. £38
16 Another, awarded to Betriebswart Theodor WACHTER, in Osnabruck, on 28/9/1942 £38
17 Another, to Mittelschullehrer Friedrich EVERLING, in Braunschweig, on 29/11/1938. £38
18 Volksschule Report book, for Robert BERGER, with reports for each half year from 1941/2

to 1944/45. (six in all, all signed and stamped up with swastikas). From Schladming. £20
19 Ausmusterungsschein (Call-up papers) for Wilhelm SCHMITT from Neustadt in the Pfalz -

4 stamps & his photo - declared to be "vollig untauglich" for service in the Wehrmacht. £28

20 WW2 Memorial cards for fallen WW2 German soldiers - an interesting selection, most with a photo and description of his life & date of death; religious poems, etc. Each… £7.50
21 Kriegsurlaubsschein - Travel permit to travel from railway station onwards ; stamped up with swastika and dates in the early 1940s. A nice selection……. Each £7.50
22 NSDAP Hitler-Youth pink Warning sheet; fresh and unused ! £9
23 Sterbe-Urkunde - for 2 inhabitants of Atter / Dortmund. 6/3/1939. Stamped up £10
24 Seifenkarte - un-issued for 1943 (February to May) for the Wartegau area; mint £6
25 Wehrmacht envelope, reportedly to contain "brothel protectors" - stamped on the front: "Nur fuer die deutsche Wehrmacht bestimmt. Nach Gebrauch sofort zu vernichten". ! ! £6
26 Another one, as above, this one sealed with contents intact (and unused !) £25
27 10th Anniversary of Seizure of Power (Machtubernahme) - invitation to the circus, from …….the NSDAP in Hannover - 31/1/1943 £12
28 Die Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF) in Hessen-Nassau - encouraging letter to Friedrich-Wilhelm DIEHL, about his wish to train as a Luftfahrt engineer; plus 2 further pages. £15
29 Hamburg ID card , for member of the Sicherheits- and Hilfsdienst. All stamped up, 1940s £7.50