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Miscellaneous British Tokens and Medallions

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No. Date
Metal Diameter Condition Price
M.1 1714 George I Coronation, bust of George I. GEORGIVS D.G. MAG BR FR

ET. HIB REX / Britannia crowning George AR 34mm GF+ £90
M.2 1867 Christ's Hospital School, instituted, 1552, Bust of Edward VI /

open book with HEAR.READ.MARK.LEARN written around edge,

William H.G. Morris AR 34mm AEF £75
M.3 .(1864) ND Tercentenary of the birth of William Shakespeare ; his bust and date

of death (23.4.1616) / coat of arms and birth date. Cu 45mm GVF+ £115
M.4 1862 International Exhibition, view of Exhibition Builidng in Kensington /

oval protraits of Victoria and Napoleon being held by angel,

by Allen and Moore, BHM 2718 WM 39mm Mint £60
M.5 1814 Cabbage Society medal London. A cabbage / date set in wreath. D&W 104 Brass 37mm EF £150
M.6 N.D. Buxton College Prize medal. A stag on rocky crag overlooking valley /

Buxton College, endowed 1674; 'Sic Luceat Lux Vestra'. Hmkd 1931 AR 50mm EF £65
M.7 1881 Centenary of the birth of Stephenson, 1781-1881. His bust l. / first

passenger train (rocket?) BHM 3096 by TP Chapman WM 45mm GVF+ £35
M.8 1901 Naval & Military Exhibition, Hyde Park, view of Crystal Palace under

busts of Victoria & Albert, JUBILEE OF THE GREAT EXHIBITION

/ view of Crystal Palace under busts of Edward VII & Alexandra. WM 38mm GVF £25
M.9 N.D. Travelling entertainer's Ticket (19th C.). Morrish and Phillips/ paper label

J.Nicklin & Co.,makers, Birmingham Patent Tablet on brass 37mm VF £20
M.10 N.D. As above but THIRD (CLASS) rev. Victorian Crown, paper label

Crowley's Patent Tablet on brass 37mm VF £20
M.11 1895 Royal Society ; Sir George Buchanan (1831-1895) by de Saulles.

BHM 3621. His bust / allegorical figures. RRR Cu 55mm EF £75
M.12 1916 Actions of Heligoland Bight and Dogger Bank, by Spink. BHM 4117 ;

Key points of the battle (Mainz sinking, Blucher sinking) / list of

the ships that took part, and German losses. AE 45mm EF £85
M.13 1965 Dr Albert Schweitzer : 1875-1965. His bust / peace (in 5 languages) Gilt AR 40mm BU £25
M.14 1898 Henry Bessemer - his bust l. / furnace on cogs, surrounded by

intricate floral wreath. (BHM 2954). 1813-1898. Engineer/inventor Cu 58mm EF £85
M.15 1827 Death of Frederick, duke of York & Albany. His bust r., / long eulogy

of his life and attributes. By Pistrucci BHM 1283 Cu 60mm GVF+ £75
M.16 1809 London Covent Garden, Theatre Ticket, "PPS" (Pit on the Prince's Side)

D&W. 134 Lead 35mm GF+ £35
M.17 1977 Goldsmith's 650th anniversary; Lion's head with list of the college's

offerings / view of building: The Worshipfull Company of….. AE 45mm EF+ £20
M.18 1999 1949-1999 50th anniv of Variety Club of GB; bust of circus ring-

master / heart. Milled edge. CuNi 38mm A.Unc £10
M.19 1911/12 Abingdon School prize medal for Gymnastics to Charles Marsh Reed

1563/school set in ornate wreath. Named on edge Gilt AE 52mm GVF £25
M.20 1965 Field Marshall Montgomery, his bust l. / Tank with dates 1940-1965. Gilt AE 38mm EF £10
M.21 1851 The Great Exhibition, Hyde Park London 1851. Conjoined busts of

Victoria & Albert. / view of building with details. BHM 2419 WM 52mm GVF £35
M.22 1854 Opening of the Crystal Palace 1854 by LC Wyon & Pinches. BHM 2553

Bust of Sir J. Paxton l. / view of building with details. WM 42mm GVF £100
M.23 1837 Visit by Victoria to the City of London. BHM 1772 Victoria's bust left /

scene of the visit, by Barber November 9th. Holed WM 60mm GVF £40
M.23a 1837 Another, as above. Not holed, but lower grade, some metal fatigue WM 60mm F/+ £20
M.24 N.D. Casino chip - Golden Nugget London £5. (Same both sides). Red Plastic 38mm GVF £8
M.25 1809 George III Golden Jubilee medal - "God Save the king" ; his bust r. /

list of his achievements in 8 lines, date 25th October 1809. Holed WM 42mm VF £30
M.26 1982 Epcot Centre (Walt Disney World). Souvenir medallion. Silvered 40mm EF £6
M.27 1670-1970 Hudson's Bay Co. Arms. Rev. The Nonsuch'. + card case BR 48mm EF £13
M.28 1996 Unofficial 25 Euro Lord Nelson - HMS Victory. Britanniarum Dei Gratia

Helmeted bust r. / Ship with Nelson's bust in cameo. Silvered 36mm BU £15
M.29 1996 Another, as above, but this one is piedfort version. Silvered 36mm BU £24
M.30 1832 William IV Reform Bill, bust of William IV circled by "The Reformation Bill"

etc. / Image of scene of "Britannia Supported By Justice Drives

Corruption From The Constitution", BHM 1587 WM 50mm GVF £68
M.31 1851 International Exhibition 1851, by Allen & Moore; J Paxton Architect.

View of building / description of construction in 16 lines. WM 35mm AEF £30
M.32 N.D. Royal Navy & Royal Marines Championships ; Britannia & Lion /

engraved "High Jump N.A. Pavitt" AE 38mm GVF+ £10
M.33 N.D. Another, as above, but this one is engraved "Long Jump N.A. Pavitt" AE 38mm GVF+ £10
M.34 1866 Crystal Palace Sydenham - 1st column erected Aug 5 1852; opened

June 10th, 1854. View of building / Facts & figures, including :

'visitors to 30th April 1866 - 18,607,852. Holed WM 40mm VF+ £24
M.35 1916 Battle of Jutland, by Spink BHM 4124 Twin flags / dates & details AR 21mm GVF £10
M.36 1862 International Exhibition, view of Exhibition Builidng in Kensington /

image of Britannia and another female figure sitting in harbour WM 41mm GVF £24
M.37 1737 The King's Private Roads - London, Chelsea. GR cypher, no. 761

similar to DNW's lot 568 in April 2012 sale. Holed & polished. Oval Cu 35 x 31 GF+ £100
M.38 1851 London, Hyde Park 1851, International Industrial Exhibition, bust of

Victoria surrounded by laurel wreath / view of Exhibition Building and

information on the building WM 52mm GVF £38
M.39 1875 Samuel Plimsoll laudatory medallet BHM 3015 with top loop ; his bust

left; / ship sinking - 'coffin ship'. AE 25mm GVF £35
M.40 1827 George Canning, bust of George Canning, commemorating death /

"Liberte Cilvile Et Relileuse Dans L'Univers.", French made by Galla Cu 51mm AEF £45
M.41 N.D. Hamburg, Thalia Theatre, "United States of America" 10 Dollar with Eagle

/ "Heinz Ruhmann Entratselt Ihnen Das Geheimnis",

"Man Braucht Kein Geld Im Thalia-Theater" Alu. 38mm EF £18
M.42 1897 Earl's Court - Gigantic Wheel. (the first London Eye !). View of wheel /

dimensions and statistics in 12 lines. Lustrous AE 30mm EF £10
M.42 1901 Another, similar, diferent date AE 30mm GVF+ £6
M.43 1903 Another, similar, diferent date AE 30mm GVF+ £6
M.44 1904 Another, similar, diferent date AE 30mm GVF+ £6
M.45 1873 Visit of the Shah of Persia to England, June 18th. His bust r. / script AE 28mm VF+ £12
M.46 1837 To Hanover - so-called Cumberland Jack. Victoria's bust l. / G & Dragon Gilt 20mm VF+ £5
M.47 1837 Another, as above, but this one on smaller flan. Gilt 16mm GVF+ £5
M.48 1897 Diamond Jubilee - "Four generations of the Royal Family" - conjoined

busts of 4 rulers-to-be : Victoria, Edw VII, Geo V and Edw VIII. AE 30mm GVF+ £6
M.49 1993 London Transport - 60 years : 1933-1993. View of 55, Broadway. Brass 36mm EF+ £10
M.50 N.D. Kent Squash Rackets Association Winner's medal; Invicta horse /

inter-club championship - winner. Silvered 36mm GVF+ £12
M.51 1831 Coronation of William IV. Official (coinage) bust of king r. / Crowned

throne and flags. Holed Gilt 23m GVF £5
M.52 1894 Opening of Tower Bridge on 30th June, by Prince & Princess of Wales.

Conjoined busts / lively view of bridge, river & boat. Holed WM 34mm GVF+ £15
M.53 1831 Opening of London Bridge April 1; commenced June 15 1825 /

Arms of the City of London WM 25mm GVF £10
M.54 1863 Marriage of the Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandra 10.3.1863 Holed Brass 22mm GVF £6
M.55 1827 Death of duke of York & Albany. His bust l., / C-in-C, beloved by the Army Brass 24mm GVF £8
M.56 N.D. Masonic Penny, Hammer and Chisel, "Son of Man Mark well" Advanced

Triangle with keystone & coded lettering, surrounded by snake-ring Cu 33mm EF £8
M.57 2003 Concord, coloured image of Concord, 1903 - 2003 / image of aircraft flying,

"100 Years Of Flight" Gilt 38mm Proof £15
M.58 1924 British Empire Exhibition. Edward, Prince of Wales, his bust l. / Lion AE 36mm GVF £8
M.59 1924 British Empire Exhibition. Lion's head / Industry & Commerce. AE 26mm VF+ £5
M.60 1908 Britain & France : L'Entente Cordiale. Bust of Edw VII r. / 2 flags. AE 15mm VF+ £4
M.61 1892 Death of Duke of Clarence & Avondale. His bust r. / Died at Sandringham AE 23mm GVF £4
M.62 N.D. Whist Counter - YH bust of Victoria / Man seated playing cards :

Keep your Temper. (after Hoile) Gilt 20mm AEF £10
M.63 1954 Churchill's 80th birthday 1874-1954. His bust facing / dates and facts AE 36mm GVF+ £5
M.64 2002 George Carey - Archbishop of Canterbury. 'Unity of Mission'. Silvered 38mm EF £10
M.65 1922-23 Gold Coast Cocoa - exports of cocoa 180,000 tons. / statistics etc Alu. 27mm EF £4
M.66 1924-25 Drink More Cocoa - Gold Coast. Facts & figures on both sides. Alu. 31mm AEF £5
M.67 1862 Opening of the International Exhibition. Victoria r. / View of building AE 22mm GVF+ £6
M.68 1951 John Bull tyres - St Christopher safe travel. England to Lapland & back Alu. 32mm VF+ £6
M.69 1984 International Health Exhibition. 1884-1984 London-Brighton. Helfex '84 Silvered 37mm EF £12
M.70 1988 Armada 1588 - Destruction of the Armada. Plymouth commemorates…

battle scene with cannons & ships. / rose and city arms. Gilt 38mm EF £5
M.71 1843 Thames Tunnel opened, by W Griffin, Change Alley, Cornhill. Rev faint Brass 23mm VF £5
M.72 1875 Model half-sovereign. Victoria YH l. / Prince of Wales' feathers Brass 17mm GVF £5
M.73 N.D. Model Penny by Joseph Moore (c. 1844) White metal centre. AE 21mm GVF £8
M.74 N.D. Edward VII bust r. / Lord's prayer in 14 lines. Top loop lustrous AE 14mm EF £5
M.75 1921 Alu ringed coin - Keep me and you will never be broke : 1/4d dated 1921

set in ring marked 'Hooper Struve's Mineral waters'. Alu/AE 37mm GVF £8
M.76 1999 Beanie Babies official club, "ty" within a heart / Beanie baby,

"Flash" with date and "ORIGINAL NINE" below, milled edge CuNi 39mm Aunc £9
M.77 N.D. Toy coin - Bust of HRH Price of Wales r. / "12 pence make 1 shilling" AE 16mm GVF £6
M.78 N.D. Toy coin - School Merit award HRH Princess Charlotte : one decem

tenth integer (Rogers ref. 290) Brass 20mm GVF £8
M.79 1848 Model Crown, Victoria by H.Hyams. Gilding dull AE 25mm VF/+ £10
M.87 N.D. Tom Gill medal. Bust left Uniface, Plated AE 38mm GVF £7
M.90 1940-44 Battle of London Sept 1940-May 1941 View of St. Paul's / June

August 1944 view of Tower of London. BHM 4406, Pinches AR on AE 57mm EF £75
M.91 WW2 NAAFI canteen token - 20 Groschen (Austria) Red plastic 6-sided Plastic 25mm VF £5
M.92 WW2 NAAFI canteen token - 1/2 franc (France) plasticised octagonal Brown card 23mm VF+ £3
M.93 WW2 NAAFI canteen token - Ranelagh Canteen 1d. Uniface AE 26mm VF £8
M.94 1984 Opening of the GLC Thames Barrier by the Queen 8th May. Conj busts CuNi 37mm BU £8
M.95 N.D. Hines Wells & Co's "pens are the best", bust of Edward VII r. / The

Latem Rob Roy easy-going Cambridge Westho pens etc. Gilt Brass 25mm BU £7
M.104 N.D. The Villiers Model de Luxe free wheel / Easily worth an extra 1s/- CuNi 25mm EF £9
M.132 N.D. School medal, arms of school with motto on scroll -

et oriente salus / laurel wreath. AE 38mm EF £5
M.141 N.D. 1, with no legend / Letters C and S intertwined Cu.Ni 25mm VF £3
M.144 1831 Opening of New London Bridge - view of bridge with statistics /

"THE FIRST STONE WAS LAID", etc Brass 28mm EF £6
M.153 N.D. Greenock Lodge (Masonic) St. John's No 175, St Andrew with

cross / keystone "They received every man a penny" AE 29mm GVF £10
M.171 N.D. Home Arts and Industries Assoc, "Awarded for the best copy of

an old design", name of Association on tablet between laurel

branches, rev. blank AE 38mm GVF £4
M.191 1910 London (Soho), Bernardo Baglonis, Italian Restaurant,

26 Old Compton Street, Shaftesbury Avenue. W. "Special 2s/6d

Dinner from 5 till 9 p.m." Wine bottle (holed) Alu 38mm GF £5
M.212 N.D. London Mutual Society of Switzerland 6d, Swiss Cross

Founded 1703 (Legends in French) AE 28mm VF £10
M.214 N.D. Sunday School award of merit, for regular and punctual

attendance. View of classroom with teacher at front / Inscription

from Bible, Rom. II. 7 (Registered no. 65,429 = 1887) AE 38mm EF £17
M.252 1897 Victoria, 60th year of Her Majesty's Reign, "Four generations of the

British Royal Family" Four busts conj. L. / Crown above three shields AE 32mm GVF £5
M.253 1897 Another, similar, but rev. "Remington Typewriter" Bronze 32mm EF £5
M.260 N.D. Unofficial Farthing? Bust of Victoria L./ (HONOR) (VIRTUTIS)

(PRAEMIUM), IV in centre (not listed in Bell) AE 22mm VF £10
M.271 1969 Investiture of Pr. of Wales, Caernarvon Castle, Bare hd. of Prince r./

Welsh dragon, legends in Welsh by RM Gilt AE 32mm EF £10
M.281 1837-1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee medal, official RM issue, BHM 3506 AE 55mm GVF £25
M.282 1897-1837 Victoria Diamond Jubilee medal, official RM issue, BHM 3506 AR 26mm AEF £13
M.283 1897-1837 - - another, as above AR 26mm VF £9
M.284 1902 Edward VII Coronation medal, official RM issue, BHM 3737 AE 55mm GVF £20
M.285 1902 Edward VII Coronation medal, offical RM issue, paper bag of issue AR 31mm GEF £15
M.286 1911 George V Coronation , offical RM issue, BHM 4022 AR 51mm EF £70
M.287 1935 Silver Jubilee of George V and Mary, official RM issue, BHM 4229 AR 32mm EF £15
M.288 1937 George VI Coronation medal, official RM issue, BHM 4314 AE 32mm EF £6
M.289 1937 George VI Coronation medal, official RM issue, BHM 4314 AR 32mm GEF £20